Excel PowerPivot Advanced course

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The training PowerPivot Advanced – DAX (Level 2) is applicable for anyone who reports by using external information in Excel.

If you would like to know more about the Excel PowerPivot Advanced course, please take a look at the course outlines or request information here! or via our chat function.

In this training Excel PowerPivot Advanced, we quickly go over the information taught in Excel PowerPivot Basic (Level 1). PowerPivot has already piqued your interest and you wish to know even more about DAX formulas and the other possibilities that PowerPivot has to offer. Not all DAX functions can be covered, since there are simply too many, just like in Excel. However, after this training, you have an overview of the various function categories so that you can discover and puzzle with the rest on your own.

This Excel PowerPivot Advanced training is suited for experienced Excel users who want to generate and design reports and analyses from various data sources.

The training PowerPivot Advanced - DAX (Level 2) is suited for anyone who reports by using external information in Excel. In order to participate in this training, the participant should possess a solid knowledge of Microsoft Excel as well as the topics covered in the training Excel PowerPivot Basic (level 1).

We offer this PowerPivot courses via our open schedule at our locations in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Utrecht. However, the standard language of these courses will be Dutch, so we should ask the other participants if they are okay with doing it in English.

Did you know that it is financially interesting to organize a group training at your location from 3 or more participants? Request information for an in-company Excel training This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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